My work is all over the "I Love Chicago" store

Very excited to report about the new I Love Chicago shop at 316 N Michigan Ave, Chicago. I had dropped off my work a few weeks ago before they started renovating. I didn't know what was in store but if the O'Hare shop where I also show my work was any suggestion I knew they were up to something good.

This weekend I had occasion to stop by and I was blown away. I was with my mom and we walked through enjoying every beautifully merchandised inch of this gorgeous new shop. It was like night and day from my first visit. Kudos to the team at I Love Chicago - fantastic job!

Best yet was the experience of walking through this beautifully designed store and spotting my work - literally everywhere! They are featuring several originals, matted prints, framed prints, greeting cards and designed boxes - dotted in every corner of the shop. What an amazing thrill for me! and right on Michigan Avenue!

I have high hopes for a long and fortuitous partnership with this super cool shop! If you're in town and strolling down Michigan Avenue, I highly recommend you stop by. It's located 1/2 block south of the river on the north side of the street - I Love Chicago - you can't miss it!

Update to this story 10/17/14: Found out this week that the I Love Chicago store was nominated for Best New Concept store in the country! Kudos to the whole team!


Galleria refreshed

I have been renting a booth space at the Andersonville Galleria for a couple years now - it is a happy space for me. It was the first place I started showing my work, and not only have I made many sales, but I have also met some great people and been "found" by some people who have helped my career as a Chicago painter along on it's merry way.

A couple weeks ago I revamped my booth. I put up a fresh coat of paint, and put up all new art (save my portrait samples). I took down florals and put up abstracts. I took down my old landscapes and put up my Absurdity Birdity and Snow Day series. Now in addition to watercolors you'll also find encaustic paintings and oil/cold wax paintings. All new matted prints are available too.

It's a whole new booth. If you haven't visited recently I invite you to come take a new look. It's the Rochelle Weiner Fine Art booth, on the first floor, in the back.

TIP: If you let me know you're planning a visit, I can meet you there. And if you buy an original while I am there, I may extend you a courtesy discount!

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New greeting cards have arrived

The new greeting cards are in! I did four love bird cards in honor of Valentine's day, seen at left. Also fresh off the press are sets of four spring flowers, four spring birds, four landscapes and four desserts.  I'd love to hear your feedback!

Cards are on sale now at the Andersonville Galleria and Flourish Studios in Chicago, or can be purchased directly through me as well. Cards are sold individually for $4, in packs of four for $13 or packs of eight for $24.

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Who's afraid of a little snow?

I may be in the minority but I love a good snow storm.  Since I work from home, it takes away the stress of the situation and allows me to enjoy the beauty of the day. I often will take a long walk through the snow after a blizzard with my camera at the ready. Everything is clean and shiny and pretty after a snow.

With the holidays coming up I was brainstorming what I could add to my booth at the Galleria that might sell well during the holiday season. Greeting cards have been on my list for a while so I beyond the cards I already had in mind, I decided to develop a line of cards inspired by winter.

Of the images below, I've chosen to make cards from the snowman image, the winter trees, the snowflake and the snow angel. I'm also printing a series of penguins, and some of my still lifes of fruits and vegetables, sixteen designs all together. Envelopes and packaging are on order and all should be delivered by the middle of next week. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

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