"Portrait of Milwaukee Progress" installed at MATC

My latest work, an 11 canvas installation called "Portrait of Milwaukee Progress," has been installed at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC).  If you'd like a close up look, MATC is taking part in Milwaukee's Fall 2021 gallery night - come see this work as well as the inspiring works created by the other artists. Hope to see you there!

Rochelle-Carr-2021 headshot

Rochelle Weiner Carr is an American multimedia artist residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rochelle's most recent series, "Discarded", is a collection of narrative works that are inspired by vintage snapshots and family portraits. Rochelle has received awards for multiple pieces from the Discarded series, her work has been published in a national magazine and a university level text book, and commissions have been awarded from the Milwaukee Bucks, the Village of Shorewood, WI and Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). Rochelle's work has also been featured on the set of multiple network television shows and cable series.



Portrait of Milwaukee Progress

Terra Flora Fauna

East Side View


Fellas at the Window

Snow Day

Morning Light


Redhead said

Pet Portraits

Owl in Kitten Costume


The Popcorn Stand

Abstract Works


Thoughts from the studio

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Fall Gallery Night

4411_Ardmore_4 SM

Gift of memories


Painting 4471 N Prospect

Jesus_Salas_ 2 sm

Leading the Charge for Migrant Workers Rights

Leading the Charge for Migrant Workers Rights