Very excited to report about the new I Love Chicago shop at 316 N Michigan Ave, Chicago. I had dropped off my work a few weeks ago before they started renovating. I didn't know what was in store but if the O'Hare shop where I also show my work was any suggestion I knew they were up to something good.

This weekend I had occasion to stop by and I was blown away. I was with my mom and we walked through enjoying every beautifully merchandised inch of this gorgeous new shop. It was like night and day from my first visit. Kudos to the team at I Love Chicago - fantastic job!

Best yet was the experience of walking through this beautifully designed store and spotting my work - literally everywhere! They are featuring several originals, matted prints, framed prints, greeting cards and designed boxes - dotted in every corner of the shop. What an amazing thrill for me! and right on Michigan Avenue!

I have high hopes for a long and fortuitous partnership with this super cool shop! If you're in town and strolling down Michigan Avenue, I highly recommend you stop by. It's located 1/2 block south of the river on the north side of the street - I Love Chicago - you can't miss it!

Update to this story 10/17/14: Found out this week that the I Love Chicago store was nominated for Best New Concept store in the country! Kudos to the whole team!


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