Strata+Sphere Series

In this series of abstract works, entitled “Strata+Sphere”, I used layered painting techniques to depict abstract memories of growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My main interest in painting lies in storytelling. The layered painting techniques that I have developed – using opaque and transparent mediums to build up layers of color and texture, scraping and washing back to reveal earlier layers and then building up and covering up again, shows a history of what went before, even if in a very subtle way. This tells a story both of my painting process and of my subject matter. In this series, I incorporate varied mediums to achieve my goals, including watercolor on board, oil/cold wax, collage and charcoal.

The Popcorn Stand

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Piecing it Together

Maryland Ave Playground

Wookin Pa Nub

White Noise

Skating on Wahl

Long Short Cut

Race You to the Raft

Traffic on North Ave

Snake Hill

Popsicle Stand

All Afternoon at the Coffee Trader

After School Lessons

Speedy New Keds

Meet me at that place

Flotation Device

Along the Bluff

It's a Chicken and Egg Thing


Kowalski's Wall

Lagoon in January

Madras shorts

Walking Distance

Downer Avenue Bike Race

Dead Alewives

Conversations at Lake Park

Candy Raisins

Can't Read Cursive

Awake at 3am

Around the Corner from Yours

A Distinctive Hand

Floating in the Pool

Tic Tac Toe

The Path to Atwater

Meet me at Bradford Beach

At the Bottom of the Pool

First Soprano

Flats are for Skipping

Sister Agnes Marie