Now showing in Lincoln Park

On Thursday I installed my paintings at the new art gallery opening soon in Lincoln Park. It's called "Fortunate Discoveries", it's located at 1022 W Armitage, and is a similar business model to the Andersonville Galleria. I've signed a lease and I get a wall all to myself.

Fortunate Discoveries' focus is original artwork of all types. I am one of a few 2D artists showing there, and there are jewelers, photographers, sculptors, potters and more. It's a pretty fab place!

All the artists are installing their work this week. I decided to focus on my florals, still lifes and cheery landscapes seeing that spring has made an early appearance here in Chicago. If all goes well Fortunate Discoveries opens doors within a week. Soft opening meet and greet with the neighbors is April 1 and grand opening is Friday night, May 4 from 6-9pm. Hope to see you all there!


New booth at the Galleria!

This week I moved. Took me three days and I'm still not quite done. Arms are noodles, legs are sore, and I'm still washing paint out of my hair (just white wall paint, nothing too exciting.)

I am talking of course about my booth at the Andersonville Galleria. In May this year I started renting a booth there to show my paintings and prints. My first booth, while a nice little place, was upstairs and around two corners. Being close to the wine table on First Friday event nights was a plus but otherwise, this booth was a bit hard to find and low on foot traffic compared to other areas in the place. So, when I got the call that a primo booth had opened up I jumped at the opportunity.

My new booth is on the first floor, in the back room. It's bigger and a bit more expensive, but of course I'm hoping the increased foot traffic will boost sales and therefore at the very least cover the increased price.

New booth at the Galleria, right side

New booth at the Galleria, right side

Wednesday I painted the new booth, Thursday I moved everything downstairs and installed, yesterday I painted the old booth back to it's original white. I did 4 coats of paint and can still see some of the gray through the paint so I'll need to go back on Tues for (hopefully only) one more coat. By the time I'm through I'll have gone through an entire gallon of Killz paint. (I thought Killz was supposed to cover anything? hm). I'll have to remember this for whenever I move out of the downstairs booth.

So, now that I've moved, the next two weeks will be about stocking the new booth with new work in time for Sept 2, which is a First Friday night at the Galleria. The shop will be open until 10pm and there will be wine, folks! I'll be sending out an evite and hope to see you all there!


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