4411 Ardmore

Digital printed on canvas • 5000x7000 px


"We wanted to let you know that the owners of Ardmore were thrilled with their print!!! She was in tears when we gave it to her. 😊 She had always wanted to have one done. To say the least, it was greatly appreciated they loved the details on the planters and the pillow. After 20 years of memories, they will cherish it for a long time."

Portraits by Commission

“I just had to share with you the reaction of the recipient of one of your commissioned paintings. She opened the package, gasped, put her hands over her mouth and had tears in her eyes. It was so special to her and made her so happy. She had no idea it was coming and was just over the moon thrilled. That response is more than I could have hoped for. Thank you for the beautiful work you do!” – Robin Carroll

Fellas at the Window

4411 Ardmore

Portrait of the artist

Ava and Laney

John and Tim

The David Allens

Meghan and David

David and Emily

Alvin and Grace got Engaged

Denise and John got Married

Danny and Corey are Engaged

Abby and Sophie

The Hunt Family

The Schumms at the Creek

Tracy and Tyler are Engaged

The Lowe's Anniversary

Hannah and her Gingham Hat

The three boys

It's Bonnie's Birthday

Parker in a Wrap

Two Gals at the Rodeo

In memory of Mrs O'Malley

The Carbonells

In memory of Gail

In memory of Gary

George and his Accordion

Grandma Gertrude



JoAnn and Dan

Bejeweled Jordyn

Jordyn's cap

JJ and Keith

Milly and Jim

Dean and Laura on their Wedding Day

Boy in Plaid


Jordyn in the Fountain