The Family Farm

Digital Medium • 5000× 5000 px

This composition was derived from 4 different photos, a portrait of three generations of my family. In the foreground are my grandparents, Monica and George, and their 11 children ranging from ages 5 to 25. My mom is 3rd from the right in the second row. Behind them is a photo taken years earlier on the wedding day of Monica and George, featuring George's parents on the left and Monica's parents on the right. Behind them are a few family revelers, I don't know their names. The two ladies on the motorcycle are the twins, also pictured in the second row of the foreround group (4th and 5th from the right). Behind everyone is the family farm, the house which was built Monica's father Moritz, the man with the big moustache and cap standing behind Rita.

The Discarded Series

Antique snap shots spurred my Discarded series of works. Over years of browsing. I’d often find myself sifting through bins of black and whites, and polaroids, looking carefully at each person and wondering who they were, and how they ended up for sale like that. I decided to start a series of paintings featuring these images. I’ve worked in multiple mediums for this series, including transparent watercolor, encaustic and collage.

The Family Farm

The First Five

Picture Day


Ellis Island

Hot All Nite





Family Portrait

Remember the day…

The Girls Team

Faded Chalkboard Memories



First Bloom

Jim Dandy

Last Regrets


The Spinster Sisters

Ginny remembers it different

It’s up to her

And then I lost it

The Spinster Sisters Do Mexico