Popping up all over the country

Would you believe my artwork is now hanging in a home in California?

While visiting in Chicago, Donna Knippen of San Jose California found my booth at the Galleria and purchased this print of "Shadows". She just sent me a photo she took of the print, now framed and hanging in her home! How exciting!

My artwork is starting to pop up all over the country! I couldn't be more thrilled!

Thank you so much Donna!


Who's afraid of a little snow?

I may be in the minority but I love a good snow storm.  Since I work from home, it takes away the stress of the situation and allows me to enjoy the beauty of the day. I often will take a long walk through the snow after a blizzard with my camera at the ready. Everything is clean and shiny and pretty after a snow.

With the holidays coming up I was brainstorming what I could add to my booth at the Galleria that might sell well during the holiday season. Greeting cards have been on my list for a while so I beyond the cards I already had in mind, I decided to develop a line of cards inspired by winter.

Of the images below, I've chosen to make cards from the snowman image, the winter trees, the snowflake and the snow angel. I'm also printing a series of penguins, and some of my still lifes of fruits and vegetables, sixteen designs all together. Envelopes and packaging are on order and all should be delivered by the middle of next week. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

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Add another crinkle

Still working on the masa crinkled paper technique - I did another in my "Row of Trees" series. I really like how this technique adds a weathered feeling to the painting, an integrated texture that seems to really enhance a landscape painting.

It's funny working with this technique as you really have to be prepared to just roll with whatever happens, more so than in standard watercolor painting. Not only does the color creep across the page as it moves in the wet, but it also runs along the lines of the crinkles.

In this case I think the effect is what I was after. I wanted to catch the feeling of early morning sun casting long shadows against a row of trees. The crinkles seem to add an emotional element to it - almost like a moment remembered from another time - a reminiscence of something pleasant you saw once.

Pictured above, "Shadows", by Rochelle Weiner - watercolor on Masa paper crinkle technique


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