Popping up all over the country

Would you believe my artwork is now hanging in a home in California?

While visiting in Chicago, Donna Knippen of San Jose California found my booth at the Galleria and purchased this print of "Shadows". She just sent me a photo she took of the print, now framed and hanging in her home! How exciting!

My artwork is starting to pop up all over the country! I couldn't be more thrilled!

Thank you so much Donna!



Summer white

Thank you to Frances Limoncelli and Ben Loomis of Chicago for purchasing the original of "Rainy Day Poppies" tonight at the Galleria! (I knew this team had good taste!) They also took home a print of "Summer white" - one of the monoprint series.

"Rainy day poppies" is the first of a series I am working on using watercolor on Yupo paper. Yupo is a kind of plastic paper. It is totally opposite to traditional watercolor paper as it does not soak up the paint at all and the painting only dries once the water evaporates.

Anyway - I had a lot of fun creating this painting and love that someone else loves it as much as me.

Thanks Frances and Ben!


I have a fan in Arizona!

What a thrill! I was just at the Andersonville Galleria preparing a new painting for exhibit and was lucky enough to meet a new fan!

Row of Trees

Row of Trees

She is a lovely woman from Arizona visiting her daughter here in Chicago. She purchased two of my prints... "Row of trees" and "Birds on beach". She was really nice and very complimentary about my work. I shook her hand and asked if I could take her with me wherever I go.

Very exciting! I now have a fan in Arizona!

I wish I'd have had the presence of mind to get her name and take her picture... I'll have to do better next time. But at least I made sure she didn't leave without my business card. I'll just have to hope she emails me or maybe shows up on my website and posts a comment.

Before she left she said "Don't stop! I love pretty!" Thank you, fan in Arizona - you made my day!


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