"Discarded Memories" - opening reception May 19

(Pictured above, “The Spinster Sisters Do Mexico”, 40" x 40", acrylic)

I'm thrilled to be able to invite you to the unveiling of my newest series of paintings, entitled "Discarded Memories" at the Phantom Gallery on May 19.

I've always been drawn to vintage photography, often standing for ages in antique stores sifting through boxes of discarded family memories now for sale for 10 cents apiece. I have been collecting some of these photos, which have inspired this series of narrative works. Every picture tells me a story, and I try to bring it to life on canvas to pay respect to the person whose memories have been tossed aside.

Also on display will be works from artists representing the International Artist's Group - Lewis Rice, Piotr Wolodkowicz, Alan Emerson Hicks, Jolanta Nawrocka, Ruyell Ho and Mark Matejko. It's going to be a fantastic show!

Opening Reception

When: Saturday, May 19 2012, 7pm - 10pm
Where: Phantom Gallery at 4161 North Damen, Chicago
RSVP: rochelle@rochellewcarr.com

This group show runs May 19 - June 10.

Gallery hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday, 6pm - 8pm
Saturday and Sunday, 1pm - 5pm
Also available by appointment


A new direction

Painting from life

I am thrilled to report a new direction in my art. Back in art school I used to really look forward to my painting from life classes. I love the immediacy of standing there and painting what you see and feel from another human being, right on the spot. It's amazing to me that there would be a class full of students, all painting the same model, same pose, each ending up with a totally different interpretation. Everyone's painting was different, because everyone's experience is unique and individual - even when the stimuli are as controlled as a single person sitting in a single pose for 3 hours time.

No opportunities

I've not had an opportunity to paint from life like this since I was in school - nude models aren't exactly knocking on my door (that's probably a good thing...) But I've always had it in the back of my mind that if I'd ever find this opportunity again, I'd jump on it. Well, the opportunity presented itself through a brilliant artist I met recently, Piotr Antonow. He and I are currently in a gallery show together in Chicago and he does these remarkable, large scale, colorful, energetic, abstracted nudes. Stunning work, I am blown away by his talent. On meeting him and discussing his work he has now invited me in on the live model sessions he attends 1-2x a week.

What joy!

Finally the opportunity has presented itself, and I am having a ball. A third artist is also working with us - Marina Nemtseva - and between the three of us we present three totally different points of view of the same model, same pose. This is just like I remember from art school. Cool!

I thought I'd show an example of this. Below is an example of two paintings I did during last week's 3 hour session, and also an image of Piotr's painting done of the same model at the same time. Alas I do not have an image of Marina's painting because I didn't have the idea to write this blog until a few days after she - shockingly - destroyed her painting! What?! Bummer! it was really cool! I guess she must not have liked it! (I'll have to be faster next time.)

Susan at the Window - original acrylic painting by Rochelle Weiner

Susan at the Window - original acrylic painting by Rochelle Weiner

Susan in Glowing Light - original acrylic painting by Rochelle Weiner

Susan in Glowing Light - original acrylic painting by Rochelle Weiner

Nude in Natural and Artificial Light by Piotr Antonow


Winter Birds - a great holiday gift

Since the first set of 6 has nearly sold out and I'm getting requests for more, I went ahead and created 6 new small canvases of winter birds. I focused on Cardinals and Bluejays.

I just need to get the hanging hardware attached on the backsides and then it's off to the Galleria for hanging.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Red balloons

(Pictured above, Red Balloons - original acrylic painting on canvas, 12" x 12")

Another to add to the moody series - this one more melancholy a bit sad and reminiscent. Dead tree, floating balloons, small red heart. What does it make you think of?


Acrylic cardinals

Great night last night at the Andersonville Galleria's December First Friday. Wow - what a crowd! I was told it would be busy but actually seeing the check out line winding all the way down the hallway was a wonderful sight. I have no idea of the actual head count but in the three hours I was there it seemed like hundreds of people came by my booth - and it seems my gift items are going over well! There was a lot of buzz in my booth and I sold 2 originals, 2 framed prints (thank you Dan!) and a couple packs of greeting cards. On top of that made some interesting connections and heard many positive reviews of my work (which always feels good!)

I heard many positive comments on my new line of cardinals, just finished minutes before walking into the Galleria last night.

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Need gift ideas? Got a few for ya here...

In the spirit of the holidays, I've started developing a series of small paintings  suitable for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. The prices are marked to fit into any budget - small original acrylic paintings and mini framed prints starting at $35.

Also available of course are sets of assorted greeting cards - sets of 4 for $13, and sets of 8 for $25.

More small paintings are in the works - stay tuned!

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