I had the delightful opportunity to meet in person a new collector of my work, D'Lynne Schade. I was extremely flattered to hear from her after she'd purchased "Sordid" from the Leigh Gallery - she'd contacted me to find out where she could see more of my work. I let her know I am showing at the Andersonville Galleria and she went and picked up two more paintings - "Reconsider" and "Last Regrets".

These three encaustic works are part of my "Discarded" series, inspired by vintage photography.

D'Lynne invited me to see the works hanging in her home and I am thrilled to report that my work hangs among many other impressive pieces. D'Lynne has a keen eye for compelling and important work and visiting her home is like a trip to a great gallery.

Thank you so much D'Lynne! They look fantastic in your home!


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