More paintings to be on NBC's Chicago Fire!

Thrilled to find out NBC's Chicago Fire selected 4 more of my paintings from The Leigh Gallery  - this time on loan - for use on their sets! I assume that since they're on loan they're not for the permanent sets but rather for single scene usage. Keep an eye out for them - I know I will be! 🙂

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"Daffodils in a row" - Watercolor and collage, 24" x 20" framed

"That's our baby" - Watercolor, monoprint and collage, 15" x 15" framed

"Autumn cliffs" - Watercolor and watermedia, 15" x 15" framed


Two large-scale watercolors now part of the Tony Odisho collection

So, how cool is this? The fabulous Tony Odisho, owner of Exsalonce Salon and Spa in Chicago as well as Tony Odisho Extensions and Ostia Hair Products (who also happens to be my hairdresser!) called me a couple weeks ago for a favor. He asked if he could borrow a couple of paintings as staging for a one-day photo shoot at his newly redesigned and expanded salon. I brought him over a couple paintings that he thought would work well, and they did, and the photos turned out fantastic! Even better - he liked the paintings in the salon so much that he ended up buying them! Yay! Thank you Tony!

Above, Tony Odisho, owner of Exsalonce Salon and Spa, standing in front of "Rainy Day" in the salon.

Masa Irises at Exsaonce Salon and Spa


Snow day

A walk through a nearby Chicago park during the snow with my friend Roger and his dog O'Hare spurred this new series, which feels like a fun new direction in my work.

Featured above is "Fetching". Below are a few paintings in the series. This series is currently being shown at The Leigh Gallery and at the Andersonville Galleria in Chicago.

[nggallery id=38]


Rochelle Weiner originals on Network TV

Wow - I am super thrilled. Jean Leigh of The Leigh Gallery in Chicago sold 2 of my paintings to the set of NBC's new series, Chicago Fire. I can't wait to see my work on TV! If you're watching, keep an eye out for these two  fall scenes. They're about 15" x 15" in size. I'm hoping to see them in some recurring set - an office space, one of the featured stars homes... something like that. But I'm only guessing here. (Really hoping they don't burn them!)

The pilot premiers tonight on NBC - and will be showing Wednesdays at 9pm Central.

Here are the paintings:

"Birches" sold to the set of NBC's Chicago Fire

"Fall Birch" sold to the set of NBC's Chicago Fire

Post Update: The paintings have been spotted! They are in lead role Matt Casey's living room, hanging above his couch! As far viewed clearly on Episodes 14 and 15.

Post Update: More paintings to be on NBC's Chicago Fire!


Painting in thirds

Three years in a row  I've taken a week-long watercolor workshop with Karlyn Holman, in Washburn Wisconsin. I find this woman so inspiring - not only is she a truly gifted artist and painting instructor - but she also has such a verve for life you can't help get wrapped up in her exuberance.

During the first workshop I attended in 2010 she told a story about teaching to a group of women in Ireland. She told us the same thing she told them - try dividing your full sheet watercolor paper in thirds, to make three separate paintings measuring 10" x 22". Karlyn claims that this odd size painting is very marketable, since most people have some awkward wall in their house that just needs something. Paintings this size tend to fit those spaces perfectly.

Between giggles Karlyn reported how confused she was at first when the Irish ladies kept asking about the turds... "Karlyn - are we supposed to be working on our turds today?"... "Karlyn - how do we make a turd again?"... Giggles all round. Oh yes, a little potty humor is not beneath us. Ever since then I can't call these size paintings anything but "turds". Karlyn - you are the best.

Following is a series of "Turds" that I have completed recently.

[nggallery id=33]


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