The First Five

Digital Medium • 5000× 5000 px

Those who know me might be aware of the fact that my mom comes from a very large family - eleven siblings comprised of 10 girls and 1 boy. This is a portrait of the first five of the Schreiner clan - inspired by a photo taken outside the family farm house in rural Medford, Wisconsin circa 1940. The farmhouse was built by my maternal great great grandfather. Pictured left to right are my aunties, Lolly, Milly, Rita and Angie (the twins) and Bunny. Love my family!

The Discarded Series

A love of antique photography spurred my Discarded series of works. I love antique stores and through the years I’ve often found myself sifting through bins filled with an array of formal portraits, family snap shots, polaroids, class photos, all mixed up, transfixed by the faces. Who are these people? What were their lives like? What happened to these families? And how did all these photos end up disposessed in a bin mixed with hundreds of other familes, on sale for a quarter apiece? I decided to start a series of paintings featuring these images, to give them new life and meaning. I’ve worked in multiple mediums for this series, including transparent watercolor, encaustic and collage.

Portrait of Milwaukee Progress

Young Honey

Ida B

Remember the day...


The Family Farm

The First Five

Picture Day


Ellis Island

Hot All Nite





Family Portrait

The Girls Team

Faded Chalkboard Memories



First Bloom

Jim Dandy

Last Regrets


The Spinster Sisters

Ginny remembers it different

It's up to her

And then I lost it

The Spinster Sisters Do Mexico