Stop by to see the "Strata+Sphere" show at Pizza Rustica Bistro & Bar in Chicago.

In this series of abstract works, entitled “Strata+Sphere”, I used layered painting techniques to depict abstract memories of growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My main interest in painting lies in storytelling. The layered painting techniques that I have developed – using opaque and transparent mediums to build up layers of color and texture, scraping and washing back to reveal earlier layers and then building up and covering up again, shows a history of what went before, even if in a very subtle way. This tells a story both of my painting process and of my subject matter. In this series, I incorporate varied mediums to achieve my goals, including watercolor on board, oil/cold wax, collage and charcoal.

The opening is on Sunday October 25, 2015 from 1230-230, and the show will be running for 3 months.

Pizza Rustica Bistro & Bar, 3908 North Sheridan Road, Chicago


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