My mom, also an artist, used to sit my brother and I down with paints and crayons and loads of paper whenever we complained we were bored. According to her the first thing I drew that looked like anything was a face. All these years later I have to say that as an artist I'm still very attracted  to the human form. I guess that's why I am doing portraiture now.

"Fertility Goddess" by Rochelle Weiner, 1992

"Fertility Goddess" by Rochelle Weiner, 1992

While in art school the human figure was my main focus. I did a whole series on pregnant ladies including a 4 foot tall ceramic sculpture of a native woman, naked with a huge pregnant belly. The belly had a door carved into it with a simple hinge. Open the door and her belly was full of replicas I'd made of ancient fertility goddesses from multiple world cultures. I thought that idea was pretty cool, I only wished my execution would have been as good as my concept. But I guess I still like the piece. To this day mom  displays this sculpture in her house, and every child that comes to the house is enthralled by the "lady with babies in her belly".

I took a long hiatus from creating art, intent on building my career in graphic design. I've done that for 20 years now and certainly do enjoy it, but last year decided that something's been missing. So I started painting again. Inspired by a watercolor class I took in June 2010 with Karlyn Holman, I've spent the last year painting. I took another class with Karlyn this spring and learned more techniques. I'm inspired and producing and it's so exciting to be creating again.

I look forward to continuing my painting - and sharing here with whoever stops by. I welcome you to comment on anything - I look forward to hearing from you!



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