Show at the Phantom Gallery - St Paddy's Day

The AQUA Series

Opening night

Saturday March 17, 7pm
The Phantom Gallery
4161 North Damen

Show runs through mid April and the gallery is open daily 6-8pm and all afternoon Saturdays and Sundays. Appointments off hours are also available.

The Phantom Gallery is transient and at this time it's located in Ravenswood. I'll be showing with the International Artist Group and I have a wall 15 feet wide all to myself. It's my first art show at a real gallery space. Ok, it's a popup gallery but that counts... right?

All are invited - bring friends!

If on Saturday you're drunk and wearing green, you're still welcome, as long as you keep the green beer away from the paintings.



Justin's sunset - the Aqua series

Well - I have many talented friends. This painting was inspired by a gorgeous sunset photo taken by my neighbor, Justin. I think it fits nicely into my "Aqua" series.

Justin's photo jumped right out at me because of the drama created by the composition and intense color contrast. His photo was amazing - I hope this painting does it justice!

Pictured above, "Justin's Sunset" - the Aqua series. Measures 32" x 40" framed.


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